[Download] Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief, an album with probably the best tune after Creep

Radiohead brings their sixth studio album, with a sound that falls between jazz, electronic and rock. They reached the No.1 in the UK as with previous works. Released in 2003, amongst their competitors were Elephant from The White Stripes, Absolution from Muse, Room on Fire from The Strokes, Fever to tell from The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, between others; pretty good competition for this album that had been qualified at Number 3 between the best albums in that year. The group said that Hail to the Thief isn’t a protest album, and that’s why it works so well, as with great Radiohead records past, such as Kid A, the music — restlessly, freakishly inventive — pushes politics far into the background”.  “2+2=5” begins with the sound of Jonny Greenwood plugging his guitar, as the song start, the ethereal voice with the electronic beats makes us expect for the rage, finding it at the middle of the song with lyrics that say “You can scream and you can shout it’s too late now because you have not been Payin’ attention! Payin’ attention!”.  Sail to the Moon starts very well with piano played in low tempo meanwhile Yorke sings “Maybe you’ll be president but know right from wrong”, this song can make you travel in your head if you want it to. Where I End and You Begin is probably the best song in the album, a progressive sound of the guitar with electronic synths and Yorke saying “I will eat you alive, there will be no more lies”. Scatterbrain, sounds and remind us to the sound that Radiohead had in the album Kid A, a song similar to How to disappear completely, Finally, A Wolf at The Door, is probably one of the most powerful tunes in the history of Radiohead that leaves you asking for more, rather than that, this song is waking you up and it’s like ‘uhh, it’s all been a lovely dream’… no, it’s all been a nightmare and you need to go and get a glass of water now…”. Radiohead leaves us a good album, not so good as Ok Computer, but representing their characteristic soul: ethereal sounds that can make you travel in your chair, as you walk or in you sleep.

Download Link: Hail to The Thief (Special Edition – 2CDs)


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