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Lennon, probably the best Beatle, is known by everyone around the world, as time passes, almost every generation have heard Imagine and Woman. I have listened his previous work: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band and found it great, but Imagine is a work that will remain alive for their content, their lyrics and their relaxing style. When Lennon released Imagine, the competitors were Led Zeppelin with Led Zeppelin Album, The Who with Who’s Next, Marvin Gaye with What’s going on?, The Doors – L.A. Woman between others, amazing time for the music right?. The album starts with Imagine, recorded at his home studio, a sound that is simple, fresh and filled with great lyrics, plea for world peace, is a representative song of the Lennon state of mind at that time, and also his philosophy of life. Jealous Guy is a pure blues song from Lennon, the phrase “I didn’t mean to hurt i’m sorry that i made you cry, i did not want to hurt you, i’m just a jealous guy” reveals the amazing lyrics. It’s so Hard is a great great blues, i told you, listen it. Oh My Love has a great piano entrance that reveals the spirit in it, vocals that sound incredible joined to some soft guitar riffs courtesy of George Harrison, creating an aura of relax and love. How do you sleep? This song contains very great lyrics that goes to his former band friend Paul McCartney starting from So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise, those freaks was right when they said you was dead, the only thing you done was yesterday” all these accompanied with a blues tone from the bass, guitar and even a string section that are great. In general, this album is more commercial oriented than the Plastic Ono Band from John Lennon, the songs here are more developed from the lyrical point of view. That is what make this album great!

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