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The Beatles have this second album called With the Beatles, released in 1963, just four months after their first album release “Please Please Me”. This album has 8 songs from the group and the others in the album are versions of RnB and Rock and Roll Classics from Motown.  This is the case of Roll Over Beethoven from Chuck Berry, Please Mister Postman from the Marvelettes and Till There Was You. This album had 21 weeks as No. 1 album in the British Charts and it enters to the Rolling Stone list of the 500 list of the greatest albums of all time and is an album that You Must Hear before you DieDon’t Bother Me, a song with a sound like These boots are made for walking by Nancy Sinatra, Harrison wrote this song while he was sick in bed in a hotel at a city where The Beatles were doing some shows during the summer of 1963. The other songs in the album are good, but i think that given that it was one of the earlier works of the beatles, they are classics but not so remarcable in music techniques, they sound a lot to the beach boys. One word of warning, the stereo mixes on early Beatles albums (everything pre-1968, really) are fairly brutal, with vocals and guitars crammed in one speaker and bass and drums in the other.

Download: With The Beatles (Remastered)


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