[Download] Nina Simone – Wild is the Wind [Jazz]

Nina Simone’s “Wild is The Wind” is in the list of “1001 albums that you must hear before you die”. Nina wanted to be the first black women pianist, but instead of that she worked in Jazz because of the racial prejudice that was so strong back in 1966 and that is the reason behind the style of her songs, that seems so influenced from Bach and the classical music. His style and performance made history, Nina influenced many artists in the actual world like Christina Aguilera. This album is the 18th from 43rd albums, a very extensive career hah? The bests songs in this album are: I love your lovin’ ways: it made me remind the old west movies with sounds from blues, just a piano,drums and a bass, is all what you need, What more can i say a soft song, the strings of a bass with a low tempo, a perpetual accord from the piano and the progression of the drums makes this song a romantic song that melts perfectly with Nina. That’s all i ask, the best song in the album. Break down and let it all out, brilliant. Why keep on breaking my heart, lyrics are incredible, and finally Wild is the wind, Nina talks about the perfect love in this slow tempo song. I have to say that the voice of Nina and her performance are brilliant! I want to hear more from her. This was one of the best Nina Simone albums, with the best Nina Simone songs in it.

Download: Download Nina Simone’s Wild is the Wind Full Album rar

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