Download: Back to Black, the best album of Amy Winehouse [RnB]

Amy Winehouse, or the last great voice in jazz music made this genius album right back from a hard breakup with his all time love. This pain gave her the inspiration to create an album that, in fact, spanned generations. Heavily influenced by the classic soul of Etta James, the rebellious doo-wop of The Shangri-Las and The Ronettes and just a touch of Slick RickWinehouse’s sophomore album Back to Black came at the perfect time. Rehab was Winehouse’s breakthrough single, the song that turned her into a cultural reference point. Another great song is Me and Mr. Jones, vintage jazzy style in this song, can transport you back to the olds 50’s, when the war was over and the people watched movies in the car. Just FriendsBack to Black and Love is a Losing Game are the best examples of what amy was feeling at that time: the blue of the love that was lost.

Back to black it’s a suicide note set to music, and unfortunately one that proved to be only too real. Tragically it was her pain, the same pain that directly or indirectly lead to her death, that made her music so compelling. It’s a terrible price to pay for a classic album, but I prefer to believe that at the least she’s free now.

If you want to download the album: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

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