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The indie rock band Young the Giant released their eponymous album Young the Giant in 2010. The band had different names starting from “The Jakes” (2004), then “Shake my hand” (2008), they have suffered a partial disintegration until the bassist was replaced and continued as “Shake My Hand”. When they signed with his first label his keyboardist left the band and then the band changed their name to “Young the Giant” saying that ”the new band name did not have any specific meaning, but that epitomized what we had become. I was thinking about what we want to portray, we are still youthful, but when we aren’t, we still want to have that exuberance in our music”. The theme of the album is the “feeling of isolation and almost surreal happiness with a lover.” Much of the album was inspired by the beach; It’s summery, kind of an Orange County sound. In particular, the track “Strings” is an attempt to showcase the sounds of the beach. And that’s what I felt when I heard this incredible album. I feel like in a summer day, with the sand and the sunset with friends. With Apartment, a song that talks about a lost love, i actually fell in love with the band. My body, a combination of youthful energy and slightly naive but optimistic determination, captures a sense of passion, urgency and excitement that is incredible when you want to upstart your training at the gym. I got, second best songs in the albumCough Syrup, the best song in the album, talks about the life and the challenges that we have to confront every day, and possibility that you can lose the control in a moment. “Cough Syrup,” was co-written by former bandmate Ehson Hashemian and dates back to the 2008 EP “Shake My Hand”, when the band was still known as The Jakes. God Made Man, talks about the reflection of the life, about your soul and the infinity around us. Your Side, This song transmits a nostalgic feeling in his lyrics: “…Tell me, I’m in charge, Back like the old days, Tell me, I’m involved And we will be fine,I’m still here, You’re in the right, Every body knows you tried, and I tried…”. St. Walker, I LOVE THIS TUNE, The beginning of this song reminds me the song of “The Cure – Love song” but then turns into an up tempo drums with soft vocal hooks, the lyrics say: “Oh tell me where you go In the night, shadows are walking on the wall, Street Walker where I go, is all of my fault, Just tell me where you are, Tell me where you love without leaving at all, and I’ll go!…” Finally, Islands is a perfect closing for a great album.

Young the Giant has received mixed reviews from critics, someone said: “it is the kind of record that grabs you at first listen and becomes more meaningful every time through”. Amazon.com ranked Young the Giant as the third best rock album of 2010. And this is what you can find in this album: Very good relaxing, chillin’ and joyful rock! Excellent for work, for travel and when you need to think. Every time I listen to this disc it acquires a different meaning and I don’t get tired of it. Excellent album. Must have if you like Indie Rock.

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