Download: The Best Album of Jamiroquai – The Return of the Space Cowboy (Special Edition)



If you want to listen to Jamiroquai best songs then you definitely have to listen to The Return of the Space Cowboy. It was released on 1993 reaching top charts since then, for me is the best acid jazz album ever. Just Another Story was a perfect start, i think they performed the best Acid Jazz on that time. Manifest Destiny has the best that bassline solo that i have ever listened. Morning Glory has very sexy and seductive sounds, and for me the album closes with the best Acid Jazz song in history: Space Cowboy” not just for the vocals but because the whole song is so perfectly integrated, it have the right tools played at the right time and in an accurate way to generate an incredible atmosphere and vibe that is transmitted to the listener in an excellent way!

Jamiroquai’s sophomore album in 1994 took it up a notch. A darker funk sound echoed the more street-based social commentary, and their new music found its way into four million homes worldwide, and into samples and remixes by the likes of Missy Elliott and Calvin Harris. Through a haze of drugs and frustration, singles like ’Just Another Story’ and ’The Kids’ drove home the unrest of the early ’90s, while ’Half The Man’ and ’Stillness In Time’ offered a sweet, home-rolled escape. Even now, the hit single ’Space Cowboy’ is UK radio station Kiss FM’s most played song of all time. Ever.

What can i say for this album? I don’t have words! It is a must have! Really. It already sold 4 Million of copies around the world at this date.

Download: The Return of The Space Cowboy Full Album Rar Special Edition Download

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