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The Strokes released this album named Angles. It was a long time of waiting for the fans, 8 years since the “Room on Fire” in 2003 for this on 2011. Definitively The Strokes don’t surprise with this album, it doesn’t have the energy that they had on their first album that led them the nickname of “the saviors of rock”. It is not pure indie rock, it has another style, and that’s what has been happening with this band since “This is it”. You can not say that this is a bad album, far from it, The Strokes have risked and moved away from what made ​​them succeed, and perhaps that’s the problem, the stakes are too high for a group that revolutionized the world music scene in the early 00’s, and anything that comes from them will be disappointing for the mere fact that their are already distant from “Is This It?, an album that is unbeatable and perfect. The best songs are Under cover of Darkness and Gratisfaction, both of them with a very indie style!!! Good drums, riffs and rhythm, both of them too similar to the sound that they had in Is This It?. We have waited 8 years and Is This It?

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