To honor your father you could give him a gift, or take him to some beautiful place, but Pitbull gives his father an album with his name on it. The album is full with very popular tunes: Maldito Alcohol, the track is already a classic in the dance floor and every reunion that you go, it was a good collaboration with the house producer Afrojack.  Esta Noche is a very surprising song with one of the most beautiful bassline from the house arena. Another classic now is Bon Bon, a bassline taken from we don’t speak americano (panamericano) that was very successful back there on 2010.  Unexpected hip hop track Pregúntale, with lyrics that refers to other artists like “daddy yankee”, “don omar”, “fat joe”, is a good hip hop track. In general the same mixing about house track plus some Pitbull lyrics functioned well back there on 2010.

Download link of the album: Pitbull – Armando