Hello there, i just heard this album from Ne Yo,  and i have to say that i liked this track called Champagne life. this track is good, good lyrics and good beat. Ne-yo singing about the life of the dreams, champagne, relax and sexy woman all the time.  The song Drinks Up follows the same line, back to the lyrics about the champagne life and the party. Then cames this excellent song called Super High, the best tune in the album! with the style of the old school hip hop. Great rhythm. Finally, the last reason for listen to this album is Rock with you, a song with a very different vibe because this song was written for Janet Jackson and has a disco vibe in it.

The download link is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nridphy6aalxqhe/Ne-Yo—Champagne-Life-2010-MIXFIEND.rar